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Why Emperor Coaching?

Hi, I’m Tanya founder of Emperor Coaching. Passionate about helping people to remove barriers and self- limiting beliefs to success and supporting them reach their true potential.  I am straight talking and challenging.
I understand the value of coaching and leadership development having experienced it during my varied career.

With over 25 years’ experience working for global matrix organisations including positions in sales, marketing, operations and Ecommerce, working both in the U.K and in the U.S.A.

I have a wealth of people knowledge, team development and coaching, having led large teams through my years working at a senior leadership level with key inputs into the organisation’s business and people strategy.

My mission is working with people to help them to be their best, to be confident and to be able to produce their finest work

    I do this by:

    Creating a psychologically safe and non- judgment space to develop and bring about improved self- awareness

    Working with organisations to understand their goals, strategic direction and challenges.

    Providing reflection and thinking time and space to develop individuals, teams and organisations to drive success.

    If you want to change the world, start with yourself. – Mahatma Gandhi

    How I work

    I work in a collaborative style as well as both challenging and supporting my clients to enable clearer understanding and greater success. My clients say that my enthusiasm is infectious, I am a natural coach who instinctively develops sustainable independence by co-creatively transferring skills them.

    I truly want you to succeed, and live a fulfilled life both in work and in your personal life.

    Alongside a strong business background, I hold a Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching, am a qualified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach and I’m currently completing an ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

    Why Emperor Coaching?

     I had lots of thoughts and discussions about what to call the business, but walking along beside the sea on my annual girls trip to Tenerife my friend and I were discussing names, she suggested that I should choose something with a play on my nickname – Penguin – and then suggested Emperor Coaching, and it just felt right!

    The more I researched the name, the more it made sense.  Emperor Penguins are one of the most resilient mammals in the world they work in a team in extreme temperatures to ensure the survival of as many as they can.  As a defence against the cold, a colony of emperor penguins forms a compact huddle ranging in size from ten to several hundred birds, with each bird leaning forward on a neighbour. As the wind chill is the least severe in the centre of the colony, all the juveniles are usually huddled there. Those on the outside up wind shuffle slowly around the edge of the formation and add themselves to its leeward edge, producing a slow churning action, and giving each bird a turn on the inside and on the outside.

     These attributes encompass two keys themes I encounter during coaching, the need to be resilient and building high performing teams.

    The name also resonates with me, whilst thinking of the Hans Christian Anderson story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”.   The moral to be authentic and speak up when you know the truth.

    I also love the simplicity of the branding, black and white with a splash of yellow! And that’s the story of how Emperor Coaching was hatched.

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