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Is to work with you to deliver coaching or a programme of people development which is bespoke to you and your needs. To ensure it is delivered in the right way to realise your desired changes.

To ensure what we deliver works for you, we spend time with you to understand your business and its needs for future development and growth. As well as understanding your vision, culture, any challenges, and your overall objectives.

After discovery, the next step is to plan and design. We recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’. Therefore, we tend to follow a modular approach with our people development programmes, with key learnings and time between modules to put learning into practise and reflect.

When we deliver the programme we recognise that people learn differently, and we are agile in the delivery of our programmes to ensure that all learning styles are catered for.

We recognise that coaching and development is an investment for the organisation, so we continue to work with you to assess and evaluate the success and to measure the changes against the agreed objectives.

We are specialists in individual coaching and leadership development, but we can also offer a variety of programmes including systemic team coaching, managing change and resilience. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about the best ways we can work to support you

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. Its is about one life influencing another. – John Maxwell


 Effective coaching assists a client to bridge the gap between where they are now, and where they would like to be more effectively than if working alone. I believe the coach is the facilitator to a solution-focused, specific, and proactive approach to support people in defining and achieving their goals and aspirations. Coaching is based on a partnership in which one person (the coach) facilitates a move towards the goal, while the other (the client) explores the options available for creative solutions.

Strong coaching partnerships help individuals to break free of self-imposed limits, become clearer about their goals and more determined and likely to make things happen. Coaching is designed to enhance performance. It does this with powerful questions, which generate insight and new options, and an interactive style, which motivates the client to act.

Emperor Coaching Ltd achieve this by:

Using insightful and powerful questioning techniques to allow the client to get clarity and get the best possible solutions
Using a variety of tools, exercises, methods, and experiences to support their learning and development journey

Ongoing support to break through barriers and overcome challenges

Providing tools, techniques, and strategies to create lasting change and success

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership is a core skill wherever you are in an organisation. The below programme intends to cover the key skills any leader requires to be successful. This modular approach can also be tailored for your organisational needs.  

To enable leaders to harness the potential of their teams and deliver outstanding performance

Develop skills and personal attributes needed within the leader’s role

Identify and understand the key skills of people management

Provide an opportunity to practise these skills to feel more confident using them

Develop specific individual action plans to implement any changes

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Copyright © 2020 - Emperor

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