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Michael Short

My purpose is to support the creation of value through the harnessing of individual strengths into a high performing team.

Over the last 30+ years I have held CEO, COO and President roles in Europe and the USA and achieve my purpose through the development of deep and trusted relationships with leaders, their teams and reports to enable change and innovation.

This transformation experience (operational, digital, strategic, execution, product, service etc) draws on the necessity to evolve the organisation’s culture and first-hand experience was gained working at companies in a wide range of industries (Barclays, Hiscox, Talbot, Elekta, BaroFold, Bosch, IBM, GlycoForm, Baxter and PathoGenesis – acquired by Novartis).

Some examples:  Online retail and gaming, supported and devised new operating models and delivery while coaching the executive and supporting team evolution. During these engagements major programmes were successfully implemented and strategic challenges answered while the companies involved have won prestigious National Agile Awards. Within Fintech the delivery and Product was redesigned and the teams shaped into an effective delivery model, transitioning to a “playing field” strategy and a high performing  leader in the international field of money transfers.

As a certified coach, I practice Gallup CliftonStrengths based approaches for individuals and teams, supporting development towards prioritisation and an Agile Fluid Enterprise,

    Tanya is one of the most INSPIRATIONAL leaders that I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Through coaching, Tanya invested her time and energy to develop me through my career into a senior leadership position. She empowered me to expand my thinking, build on my confidence and unlock my potential. After any coaching session with Tanya, I always felt motivated and inspired to accomplish my goals. Without Tanya’s support, I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that, I am truly thankful. I would highly recommend Tanya, she is passionate, emotionally intelligent and a genuinely kind and caring person.

    Lisa T – Marketing Director

    Tanya’s strong and cheerful personality and light-hearted sense of humour made me feel reassured, safe and at ease right from the start.

     Being a coach myself, it doesn’t make me invulnerable to the ups and downs of life and work, and at some point, I was falling short of ideas to help in a particularly difficult situation that one of my clients had. Tanya was quick to spot the issue in my approach, and in no time she had me working out the feasible options going forward and calling me into action! I know that whenever the mist builds up and I can’t see the shore, Tanya’s light is there, she is my lighthouse. Thank you, Tanya!


    Dr Roberto P – Business owner


    Coaching is Tanya’s natural leadership style and as a people person she is someone that just wants to develop others and takes great joy in watching teams and individuals grow.

    You will immediately feel relaxed in Tanya’s company, which is important for any relationship and will ensure a quick start to your coaching journey. She will be quick to identify your learning style and is able to adapt her questioning to ensure you are resolving your problems and improving your skills quickly and with confidence when working together. Whether it’s coaching or mentoring you need I can’t think of a better person to work with.

    Shelley B – Head of Marketing

    Tanya and I worked together for a number of years at RCI and during that time I have seen her grow to be an exceptional leader, strategic thinker and developer of people.

    I've seen many instances of successes from her career coaching and spotting good people and making them great. The broad spectrum of roles Tanya's had over the years in both in the UK and the US make her a highly desirable individual with solid commercial, operational, marketing, product and digital experience, amongst others. Tanya has the intellect and ability to translate a vision into achievements across multiple teams and skill sets; although it’s without a doubt her presence, style, humour and humility that makes the everyday work so much better, even when it comes to UAT... Tanya is the epitome of fun in the workplace, a leader of people and an all-round great person to have in an organisation

    Nicki R – Sales Lead for Healthcare and Financial Services

    I worked with Tanya during the COVID-19 period

    Tanya was a great help in allowing me to open my mind to what was important both personally and career wise whilst pushing myself to get my business going in the direction it needed. Tanya was easy to communicate with, flexible around my calendar and always willing to listen which is a key attribute to being able to work with.

    Russel G – Insurance advisor


    Tanya is such an incredible person who really puts you instantly at ease and she really works with you to recognise your strengths and works on a very individually led plan of action.

    She also really gets to work very quickly and effectively on what you need to address or work on to reach your ultimate goal. I am very pleased with my personal progress and development since she has been working with me on a 1:1 basis after only a short time too. I really cannot recommend enough that you give Tanya a call without delay to arrange an initial chat and see how she can help you too. I promise you will not regret it.

    Natalie S – Admin Executive


    I worked with Tanya for many years, both as a colleague and as her direct report.

    Tanya is an inspiring and caring leader and coach, a go to person for so many of us. Her style is sometimes challenging (in a good way), often fun, and always focused on encouraging you to be your best. Her humour, intelligence and compassion are a rare combination and I’d highly recommend Tanya as an exceptional leader and mentor.

    Grace S – Head of Product


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