I had a sleepless night last night!

I spent a couple of hours at 3 a.m. having doubts about my new business in the midst of all this

surreal craziness that is going on around me. I spent today thinking about what I could control and

what I couldn’t. I don’t need to panic buy – so I’m not.

Although I can’t say that the instinct isn’t there! I’m making sure that I’m staying in touch with people, and laughing when I can. I can’t control that business needs are not around coaching and training at the moment, and rightly so. So, instead I am focusing on what I can do to make myself more prepared to hit the ground running when this passes – and it will pass, of that I have no doubt.
I’m lucky I’ve got some great friends and a fabulous network which is keeping me relatively sane!

If there is anyone out there who needs a virtual chat or some free coaching, please let me know.

And I’m really trying to follow the advice in Charlie Mackery’s fabulous book. I CAN control how I react.